This web-site is intended as an infomation tool to supplement the retail operations of the business.

You may browse this website and look at all the content in complete privacy.

If you decide to contact us using the link provided, the use of cookies does mean that some of the information you provide may be stored on our database to allow our staff to respond to your enquiry.

We do not share any of your details with third parties.

You may ask us at any time to delete any details we hold for you from our database and we will happily do this for you.

This website is not a functioning e-commerce web-site and we do not process any payments directly through the site.

If you call us to place an order or reserve stock for collection at a later date we will process payment directly through our till system in store. When we do this our staff are trained to treat your details with the utmost confidentiality and we will never write down your card details. Once payment has been approved there will be no record of the complete card details stored anywhere on our system as these are wiped out once the receipt has been issued.

Staff are under obligation to make sure that no customer details are passed on to anyone at any time other than within the shop for the purposes of processing a customer transaction. Any information that we hold within store is used only for the ease of identification for the purposes of placing and collecting customer orders.

Data is reviewed on a regular basis and if there has been no activity against a customer account for a period over 2 years then these details are deleted from our store database.

Please be aware that whilst we have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures, to try to protect any personal data that we have under our control, due to the nature of the internet and your own personal device/means of access it is not possible to guarantee that any personal information you disclose over the internet will not be accessible by other users.

You can always call us directly on the stated landline number if you would prefer to speak to us directly.